Bachelorettes on Parade


Will you parade your assets?

Marissa Green can scarcely think after the death of her parents. When her pastor urges her to an all-expenses paid vacation at a new Destin Beach resort, she agrees. When she arrives, she’s shocked to learn that she’s been added to the list of bachelorettes vying for the attention of Seth Jernigan. Not only is he the owner of the resort, but his bachelor show is all the rage in the Florida panhandle.

Marissa isn’t sure she’s up to competing with nine other women, beautiful enough to be models, but Seth can’t seem to take his eyes off her. He isn’t exactly what she thought a millionaire playboy would be. What started out as a publicity stunt may have turned into the real thing. When Seth and Marissa get together, the temperature rises. But he’s got too many girls waiting on the sidelines for his attention, and they have a whole lot more experience rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

Marissa leaves Seth and the resort behind. Before she can know what she wants for her future, she’s got to come to terms with her present. She can’t do that with Seth beating down her door.

Whether or not Seth is truly interested in Marissa could be the least of her worries. There’s a curious man lurking about the resort, and he doesn’t like Marissa meddling in his activities.
Though Seth searches frantically for Marissa, he’s not the only one concerned with cornering Marissa. Who will find the bachelorette first?

Bachelorettes on Parade is a Christian romance and suspense adventure of approximately 180 pages.

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5.0 out of 5 stars felicia mires bachelorettes on parade, May 11, 2013
By patsy – This review is from: Bachelorettes on Parade (Kindle Edition)
Definitely five stars. Refreshing to read romance with a healthy undertone. Ms. Mires penned excellent descriptions of the characters. Her ability to build tension, weave details, and make the story realistic caused me to feel the characters were alive and real. Even tho the characters are decades younger than I, Ms. Mires’ writing style reels in the reader to captivate interest. The numerous action turns keep the tension high. Highly recommended reading for a wide audience of ages and genders.

5.0 out of 5 stars Clean, Refreshing Adult Romance, March 10, 2014
By Mary Ellen “Mary Ellen” – This review is from: Bachelorettes on Parade (Kindle Edition)
It is refreshing to read a bachelorette-contest story that is NOT filled with back-stabbing,
drinking, potty-mouthed, air-head twenty-somethings.
Felicia Mires has given us a wonderful, nice, clean “grown-up” romance, filled
(except for the mysterious stranger) with people with faith and good values.
It was a very pleasant, enjoyable read, even though it was not all smooth sailing.

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful book! May 17, 2013
By BB – This review is from: Bachelorettes on Parade (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed reading this book! So refreshing reading a book that is not offensive with bad language & sex. Very romantic, & she keeps you intrigued with what is going on. Delightful,looking forward to reading more from this author