Madeleine & the Mind


Sunny Spain and a chance for love.

Madeleine Price enjoyed her vacation to sunny Spain until someone knocks her out and steals all her possessions. Now, there’s only one way for her to buy a plane ticket for home…earn the money. When the American Embassy offers her a job as a speech therapist, she assumes she’ll be working with a child.

She isn’t at all prepared for her reaction to the extremely virile scientist Dr. Steven Faraday, that is, until he looks her way. Can she help someone with eyes that vacant? Someone tried to kill the dear scientist for something he doesn’t remember. Madeleine has to help him open the door to his memory, or she won’t be going home.

Their first outings don’t go so well:

~He ties her shoe laces together

~Pushes her in the pool

~And loses her in a maze

She doesn’t know whether to slap him or yell at him. Then he smiles. He resembles a child-like angel that moves her heart to compassion. One who desperately needs her. Can she help him overcome his frustration and inability to communicate?

But Steven’s childlike antics aren’t the only drawback to this job. Someone doesn’t like her interference. After an attempt to drown Madeleine, in which her patient saves her life, she realizes the two of them are safer together.

Weeks go by, and Steven makes great progress relating to Madeleine. So much so, she feels her heart may never be the same. Romance wasn’t what the Embassy had in mind when they sent her to the Institute. Besides, Madeleine doesn’t think Steven has ever learned about God. She can’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t understand her faith, a patient who can’t even speak to her.

But forces are closing in on them. Someone wants Dr. Steven Faraday’s missile plans, and they won’t let a little thing like killing Madeleine and Steven get in their way.

Madeleine & the Mind is a Christian romantic suspense book of approximately 158 print pages.

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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT READ! June 25, 2013
By kindlegirl – This review is from: Madeleine & the Mind (Kindle Edition)
Mires never disappoints! such a wonderful, clean, Christian (and not lame thanks) romance story!!! and funny too! Had me so excited to finish the story I was skipping words lol 😉 smiled a lot too! Thanks Felicia!

5.0 out of 5 stars Strong charcters, great storyline with both love and laughter. March 31, 2014
By Susan Stinnett “aka Scarlett” – This review is from: Madeleine & the Mind (Kindle Edition)
Even though I had a pretty good idea where this was headed it still was fun to read. Felicia does such a great job molding her characters that you can picture them as she describes their emotions. It is both exciting and disappointing when you get to the end. Exciting to see the joy of characters coming together but disappointing to say goodbye to them. You can’t go wrong with a Felicia Mires book.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!!!!!! December 2, 2013
By Bee – This review is from: Madeleine & the Mind (Kindle Edition)
Awesome book! I love this author!!!!! I just wished she could write faster because I plow through her books in no time because once I start one of her books I cant stop until I finish!!!!!!!! You HAVE to read her books!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth reading more than once, July 25, 2013
By Michaelle Slaugh – This review is from: Madeleine & the Mind (Kindle Edition)
Read the book and enjoyed it so much that I had to read it again. Felicia Mires’ books are free of offensive language and scenes.
In Madeleine & the Mind, Mires mixes clean romance, humor, faith, and danger to keep the pages turning.