Once Upon a Fairy Tale

Book 3
Book 3

Do you believe in fairy tales?

Prince Tristian has heard of elves, dragons, and all things magical, but his father King Raghnall insists the fairy lands are no more. He denies the existence of Elohan, the great Lord of all the realms, but Tristian has other ideas.

When Prince Riordan of Rin visits the royal court with a contingent of elves, Tristian is smitten. The lady Maerwynne can ignore his attentions all she wants, but Tristian won’t give up. That is, until the king discovers that Tristian’s heart has shifted.

With plots of treachery all around, Tristian seeks the advice of the one being who always listens, the lake naiad. What she reveals will set his course for all time, but separate him from his father.

~Civil war looms.

~The sacred stone is missing.

~Maerwynne has sneaked on his ship with an elven cloak of invisibility.

~A sea monster from the pit of Orcus may be their undoing.

If Tristian doesn’t learn that honesty and reliance on Elohan are the keys to saving his kingdom, he could lose everything.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale is book 3 in the Lands of Elohan series. This Christian fantasy is an adventure of approximately 199 print pages and can be read alone.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Fairy Tale, August 10, 2013
By Thomas – This review is from: Once Upon a Fairy Tale (The Lands of Elohan Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
A wonderful story in the Genre of Chronicles of Narnia. I lent it to my favorite Granddaughter. Keep up the Great work, Felicia.