A Whole New World


As a devastating meteor hurtles toward Earth, Devlin James witnesses a cataclysmic event that opens the sky and sweeps thousands of people through a wormhole to a whole new world. When scientists attempt to re-create the wormhole, they send Devlin to a future Earth barely able to sustain life.

For the last hundred years, the missing inhabitants have attempted to communicate with Earth, and now they can. As an actor of some merit, Devlin James is invited to serve as liaison between the two societies. Triluna has much to offer, Earth almost nothing. Will a meeting of these worlds lead to prosperous relations? A secret society doesn’t think so, and they’ve tasked Devlin with finding out.

His task is made all the more difficult by the attractive agent assigned to watch his every move. Will Veronica prove too much of a distraction?

Veronica James is incensed when she’s asked to babysit a visiting dignitary who makes his living as an actor. What could Earth possibly have to offer Triluna?

When elements of her supposedly peaceful society take action against Devlin, Veronica discovers he may be more than he seems. Has she waited too long to recognize what her heart’s been trying to tell her?

A Whole New World is a Christian romantic science fiction novel of approximately 205 print pages.

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5* This murder mystery was DEAD on!

By SAmos on January 14, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase (Sheena)

I love reading romance novels and there isn’t anything better than one with a murder/mystery plot. But the only ones I used to read were always too explicit. After being personally convicted that I needed to fill my mind with cleaner reading material, the thrill of an entertaining “Who done it” was missing, until now! In the dedication of Unseen, Felicia Mires states she accepted a challenge from a family member to write this book, and she has not disappointed.
In Unseen, new Homicide Detective Caleb Forest has a mystery to solve, who killed Penny Weathers? Of all the suspects, he is dating one of them and another is riding shotgun on this case to gather information for her next novel. The relationship that Destiny, the novelist, has with God shows that God is her strength when everything goes haywire. Laurel, his almost girlfriend, is the girl with a silent faith and the forensic knowledge to solve any crime. Caleb is the good guy that you want to root for, although he is new at his job, he is good at it. I found myself wanting him to catch the killer and the girl. Because of reading so many books from this genre, my mind kept looking to see who the real murderer was. This book has a few twists that kept me guessing and completely engrossed.
I have longed for a book that included clean romance, a great mystery, and a love for Christ. This book met all those points and it isn’t preachy about it. Which lady will help Caleb identify the murderer and find a relationship with Christ? It’s all a mystery that kept me awake to see “Who done it!”

5* Another great read by Felicia Mires

By Kindle Customer on March 28, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What more would you want than a little suspense and romance? Well, you get even more with this book. The characters were just like our friends and family. Very believable and some were a little quirky. The murder was also unlike any I have encountered. I loved that it was a clean book and the characters openly shared their faith. I haven’t read anything by the Author that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

5* Good Read

By Melinda Matthews on October 29, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchas
As usual, Ms. Mires’ characters are strong and layered… Such a good guy, such a bad guy, such interesting and wonderfully difficult to “pin” girls. I couldn’t help but relate and be drawn to Destiny and her unique personality as the female lead. I enjoyed this murder mystery very much and read it in one sitting! Like everything I’ve read from this author thus far, it left me with a smile. Life gets crazy sometimes, but the faith-filled sane persevere! 😉