God is Relational

Let’s get real about some things. Oh my gosh, I feel stupid for even saying that. You will never fully understand how ridiculous I find it that people want to know what I think about God. I mean, I’m just me. Surely, they can see, I’m just me. On the other hand, I have learned some things that I feel compelled to share with those who are hurting and lost. So, if you need to learn from someone who did lots of things wrong and some things right, more power to you. Or, should I say, more power to the Holy Ghost in you. haha

What really matters…relationship. You may wonder why God doesn’t just tell us everything we need to know to understand his Word instantly, but he’s more interested in the long haul. He deeply cares about my sorrows, but he’s more kingdom-minded concerning me. In other words, he’s looking at eternity for me. He’s intimately involved and in tune to the minutiae of my daily life, but he still acts according to what he wants to accomplish in me and through me. He’s relational. He wants to walk through things with me, not just tell me the way out. He wants to let me take baby steps or giant steps on my own while He’s RIGHT THERE WITH ME because he wants me to earn that authority in the spirit. He wants me to own that Rhema word, a truth that lives so deeply in me that it’s part of my DNA.

For years, I have believed something, and I wondered if it would change the more I matured in God. It hasn’t. This is the answer to everything. DO YOU TRUST GOD? If I do, then no matter what I see before me, I choose to believe that he is working on my behalf. This is often where we mess up. We believe that God working on our behalf means he’s going to fix everything so we don’t hurt. Not true. People still die that I don’t want to die. I don’t understand how that can ever be for my good, but God does. Do I trust him when the world as I know it falls apart? I do my very best. Sometimes I miss the mark, but I never stay there. I always eventually go back to this. Either I trust God or I don’t. Either he’s perfect in all his ways, so all his ways are perfect toward me, or I’m wasting my time with this God thing. I’ve seen too many unexplainable miracles to think I’m wasting my time. I love God. And He loves me. Everything in me has experienced that love. I choose to trust him no matter what I see. That’s why I always sign my letters, emails, and phone texts with this one thing…Walk on Water. Trust him no matter what you see. Never hesitate to walk into his presence, to worship at church, to be his instantly no matter what you just said or did. Don’t wait until you’re perfect…just run to Him. Worship him. He loved us before we were his own. Do you think he can’t still receive you when you’ve fallen and messed up? Ha! He cleans us up when we run to him. I’m not a fake or a hypocrite when I choose to worship him even after I’ve messed up five seconds ago. He’s the one who washes me whiter than snow, not me, so I can bring myself to him immediately. Whew! Don’t know who that was for, but there you go. You are a child of God.