New Release A WHOLE NEW WORLD $3.99

A Whole New World is out! My first science-fiction book is now available on Amazon here for $3.99
As a devastating meteor hurtles toward Earth, Devlin James witnesses a cataclysmic event that opens the sky and sweeps thousands of people through a wormhole to a whole new world. When scientists attempt to re-create the wormhole, they send Devlin to a future Earth barely able to sustain life.

For the last hundred years, the missing inhabitants have attempted to communicate with Earth, and now they can. As an actor of some merit, Devlin James is invited to serve as liaison between the two societies. Triluna has much to offer, Earth almost nothing. Will a meeting of these worlds lead to prosperous relations? A secret society doesn’t think so, and they’ve tasked Devlin with finding out.

His task is made all the more difficult by the attractive agent assigned to watch his every move. Will Veronica prove too much of a distraction?

Veronica James is incensed when she’s asked to babysit a visiting dignitary who makes his living as an actor. What could Earth possibly have to offer Triluna?

When elements of her supposedly peaceful society take action against Devlin, Veronica discovers he may be more than he seems. Has she waited too long to recognize what her heart’s been trying to tell her?

A Whole New World is a Christian romantic science fiction novel of approximately 205 print pages.