A Dream Come True

Book 4
Book 4

Where is the dream come true?

Genevieve is weary of editing books about perfect heroes who save the princess and live happily ever after in a castle in the sky. Where is a man who knows how to be a man? One after God’s own heart? If only God would let her live out the fairy tale…

When Genevieve awakens in a hayloft next to a man who resembles a throwback from a Lord of the Rings convention, she’s more than a little dismayed. Kidnapping was not what she had in mind when she prayed for adventure.

Ryan tells her she’s fallen through a portal into a land of mythical beasts who would love nothing more than to take a bite of her. She thinks he’d be better off locked in a loony bin, until a dragon swoops out of the sky with a seven-foot elf on his back. Genevieve faints dead away, and not even a ride on the back of a centaur can make up for trolls, werejin, and hordes of monsters from the pit of Orcus. Ryan sticks to her like no man ever has, but he’s got an agenda of his own. Stop the dark elves from overwhelming the other lands of Elohan.

This dream come true is more like a nightmare from hell! What has God been trying to tell Genevieve? She better figure it out if she ever wants to go home. That is, if she still wants to go home. If ever a man showed her the heart of God, it’s Ryan. And it looks as if he might want her to stay.

A Dream Come True is book 4 in the Lands of Elohan series. This Christian fantasy is an adventure of approximately 208 print pages and can be read out of order.

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5.0 out of 5 stars I hope there is more, July 25, 2013
By Michaelle Slaugh – This review is from: A Dream Come True (The Lands of Elohan Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
A Dream Come True is book 4 in the series, and currently the last one available. I hope there is more in this series, I would read it.
Felicia Mires does a wonderful job writing Christian themes into her stories that flow with the story and add to it instead of coming across as an after thought. The characters are centered around their Christian beliefs and stay true to character.
If you are looking for books that are free from offensive language or scenes, have an adventure and romance that is based on more than lust, and have a solid religious theme that leaves you wanting to strengthen your own principles, I would recommend this book (or any of Felicia Mires’ books). Enjoy the read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story and great series, June 8, 2013
By Kat – This review is from: A Dream Come True (The Lands of Elohan Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed this book a lot. I was sad to be done with this book because I knew it was the last one of the series. I look forward to reading them all again soon.