Elves & Dragons

Book 2
Book 2

A sorceress as dark as Orcus itself is out to rule all the lands of Elohan.

Reychek the elf has been banished by his kin for bringing the curse of the shadow dragon into the lands of Elohan. Though his reliance on Elohan shattered the curse, he feels he must make amends. With his dragon, Keronyth, he sets on a quest to rid the lands of the sorceress Imythra before she can break through her enchanted portal.

When a very bewildered earth woman drops at his feet, he is honor-bound to protect Gwyneth…until he can dump her in Semantria, the realm of griffins, giants, and a riddle-loving sphinx.

Reychek has no time for women or romance, but Elohan may have another purpose. Gwyneth carries with her the Book of Destinies, the very resource Reychek needs.

Will he lay down his own plan in time or will Imythra kill them all?

Unconditional love will save the day, but Reychek’s heart may never be the same.

Elves & Dragons is book 2 in the Lands of Elohan series. This Christian fantasy is an adventure of approximately 247 print pages.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Elves and Dragons, and God… perfect combination!, January 20, 2014
By SAmos “steve_amos” – This review is from: Elves & Dragons (The Lands of Elohan Book 2) (Kindle Edition) (Sheena)
When I discovered that Felicia Mires had written a fantasy series, I was elated. My two young daughters love princesses and anything Fairy Tale, so I look for positive Christ centered stories to share with them. The challenge in this genre is for a story to fulfill my criteria for my daughters and captivate my adult attention. In the second book of the series, Elves and Dragons, Mrs. Mires begins a new story line in the Lands of Elohan without missing a step. The book stays true to its predecessor with vivid word pictures, engaging characters, romance, and Christian faith.

In this story, Reychek initially meets Gwyneth when she literally falls at his feet from nowhere. Reychek is from the first book and feels he isn’t the hero as other see him. Gwyneth’s mother dies and has a package delivered just before her 22nd birthday. This package has a book that shows Gwyneth the future and directs her to a fairy ring that leads to an alternate realm. After their surprise meeting, these two set out on a journey to stop an evil sorceress, Imythra. Through this journey, they come across many obstacles to reveal not only who they are to themselves, but also how Elohan (God) sees them. Felicia Mires has a talent that keeps a reader entertained while exposing simple principles of Christ. I have never regretted buying one of Mrs. Mires’ books, Elves and Dragons continues this trend.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Adventure, July 25, 2013
By Michaelle Slaugh – This review is from: Elves & Dragons (The Lands of Elohan Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Elves & Dragons is book 2 in the series. The series does not follow the same individuals throughout, but instead picks up the next event from another character’s adventure; the story continues with the next person that is ready to find true love. You could read these books out of order, but it is more fun to read them in order as you will meet up with previous characters.
Felicia Mires writes with Christian themes that are the foundation for her characters and adventures. Her books are free from offensive content.
I would share these books with any family member or friend of any age.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! May 28, 2013
By Kat – This review is from: Elves & Dragons (The Lands of Elohan Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Loved this book! The story was wonderful; I read the whole book in a day! I especially enjoyed the romance between Gwyneth and Reychek. I was captivated the whole book through!